Citizen challenges traffic survey
Resident gets answers about rezoning on Greenhouse Rd


When William Campbell tried to have a traffic survey conducted on Greenhouse Road last February, there was an ice storm.

Because of that storm, data collection was limited to one day instead of two. Despite this, he took the data from that survey and presented it to the Rockbridge Planning Commission on March 14. He was met with an angry audience, many of whom spoke out against the inaccuracies in the survey.

Campbell, who wants to have property on Greenhouse Road rezoned to build a housing development, financed the survey out of his own pocket, and said he has done enough to satisfy the neighbors' demands.

But some, like Fred Massey, said that the ice storm was only one of many flaws in the study. Massey said that the survey only looked at the Route 11 side of the area, and did not take into account the traffic coming from Furrs Mill Road.

Ed Bauer, who lives in the Woodhill subdivision on Greenhouse Road, called the intersection of Greenhouse and Furrs Mill "a disaster waiting to happen."

Massey said that the survey's format was wrong, because it only assumed that 20 percent of the traffic coming from the new development would head toward Furrs Mill Road.

Campbell said his survey directly followed Virginia Department of Transportation guidelines.

The planning commission voted to recommend Campbell's request to the Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors, although many in the audience objected.

The survey estimated that the new homes would create an additional 2,000 trips on Greenhouse Road per day--a 30 percent increase in the number of cars that travel on the road each day.

Some neighbors are also concerned about the quality of the roads in the area. David Dugan, who is on the architectural committee for the Maury Cliffs subdivision, said that the road already lacks sufficient pedestrian accommodations, and that more volume would only make things more dangerous.

"They already take their lives in their own hands," he said of local pedestrians on Greenhouse Road.

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Fred Massey interviews Susan Hammond of VDOT about his concerns.

Massey sat down with Sam Crickenberger, county planner, and Susan Hammond, the VDOT representative for Rockbridge County, to talk to them about the survey and ask what he and his neighbors can do about the situation.

The board of supervisors will consider the issue at its next meeting on April 9 at 9 a.m. in the county administrative building.

Massey interviews key officials on development issue

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