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New Rockbridge courthouse opens

The new Rockbridge County Courthouse is at Nelson and Randolph streets in Lexington.
(JASON BACAJ/The Rockbridge Report)

The new facility opens its doors sporting a $30 million dollar pricetag and a state-of-the-art security system. Pleased court employees say the building easily outshines their previous facilities.



Local schools feel economic crunch

Southern Virginia University in Buena Vista has so far kept its endowment healthy.
(MARISA VAN BRUNT/The Rockbridge Report)

Buena Vista teachers,
custodians brace for cuts

Meetings continue as Buena Vista's School Board tries to balance its budget.

Endowments suffer at area universities
Shrinking endowments continue to plague institutions nationwide. Two of the county's four-year colleges have
taken a similar hit..




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High winds howl
through area

Digital delay helps consumers,
hurts producers

Keeping warm this winter increases household hazards

Farm resists development, preserves history

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